Travel Apps for South Korea in 2024

Essential apps for Korea

I have been studying in Korea for more than 6 months. I am going to share some essential apps for your Korea travel. Each county has their own band, culture and even apps as well. When it comes to Korea, you must need some of the apps, which will make Korea trip easier and entertaining. 

After reaching Korea, you have to go somewhere, don’t you? In Korea, Naver Map or Kakao Map will make it easy for you. You should use Naver Map, which has an English feature, but Kakao Map does not have. However, both of them are widely used in South Korea. These apps offer detailed maps of the country, including real-time traffic information. Whether you are driving, using public transport, or even walking, these apps will provide you with accurate navigation to your destination, just like Google Maps.

korea map logo

Subway Korea / KakaoMeto

If you want to use the subway in Korea, you must have one of the apps installed on your phone either Subway Korea or KakaoMetro. Each of them provides the same facilities, such as real-time operation information and even details of the stations. With these apps, navigating the subway becomes very easy.

Subway map logo

Kakao T

Kakao T is for taxi. If you want to hire a taxi, just you need this app, just like Uber. It is a ride-hailing app that emphasizes safety. With rigorous checks on drivers and vehicles, it offers a secure and convenient way to get around.

Kakao Taxi logo


BucaCheck is an apps for checking the balance of your T-money and other important transportation cards. It helps you stay prepared by ensuring you always know how much money you have left on your card.



Papago app is more than just a translator—it also offers commonly used phrases for everyday conversations, making it incredibly useful for travelers who may not be fluent in Korean. This app is optional to install as you have Google translator.


Yogiyo (요기요 사장님)

Yogiyo (요기요 사장님) is a food delivery service in South Korea that works with lots of restaurants. You can order Korean or international food and have it delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to go out to eat.


Instant Currency Converter

Instant Currency Converter is a helpful tool for travelers. It supports over 450 foreign currencies and gives you real-time exchange rates. It’s perfect for managing your finances while you’re on the go.

Instant currency converter

Visit Seoul

Visit Seoul app is like a digital guide to Seoul. It tells you about all the best attractions, places to eat, and more. So, you won’t miss out on anything awesome in the city!

Visit Seoul apps logo

Visit Korea

Visit Korea official app is super helpful for travelers. It gives you all the info you need, from tourist attractions to emergency contacts, making sure you have a safe and fun trip.

Visit korea apps logo is a travel app used in over 39 countries. It helps you manage your bookings and find great deals on accommodations. Whether you need a cheap flight or a discounted hotel room, has got you covered! apps logo.

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