Things You Don’t Want to Forget to Pack for Korea

what to bring to korea

Are you excited to start your first ever adventure to visit Korea? Have you prepared everything you need to bring before your trip?

If you have not thought about it, a wonderful trip might become memorable for you. What items should you bring to Korea? Make sure these items are in your possession before you head to Korea.

Finally, you should always have your passport with all your relevant travel documents on you at all times to,

  • Check in to your hotel,
  • Enter attractions and travel overseas.

It would help if you also had copies since it might get lost or stolen.

Korean power adapter

Type C and F outlets are typical in Korea . It means you must bring your universal adapter to charge your devices while you are in the country. Hence, it will be compatible with your gadgets.

Comfortable walking shoes

For busier and more peaceful destinations in a city and suburb or park, alike that can be embarked on by foot, A decent pair of comfortable shoes is indeed a necessity in Korea.

Wear shoes constructed of durable material with a propped outsole so you can pursue long distance walks with ease on more strenuous landscapes.

Weather appropriate clothing

Make sure to pack layers for Korea to host a range of temperatures. Korean summers, which can be hot and humid, and winters are quite cold as it occasionally snows. Feel free to bring light clothes along with some warm layers on the Panama City Panama, Beaches trip.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

These items are necessary in Korea because of hard ultraviolet rays, sunburns can grow seriously, and sunglasses protect eyes from glare. Both are required in order to more comfortably and safely conduct outdoor activities.

Portable umbrella

You need § 4 ready to go portable umbrellas for rainout. As Korea is famous for unpredicted rains, pretty frequently portable umbrellas, those easily fit in a bag, are extremely user friendly.

Korean phrasebook or translation app

While I didn’t have a working phone at the time, I definitely could have used a phrasebook when I was in Korea.

Knowing some basic greetings and other phrases would have made interacting with the locals much easier. There are also apps like Google Translate or Naver Papago that can help with this.

Travel insurance information

In Korea, travel insurance pays for,

  • Medical emergencies,
  • Cancellations and lost belongings.

All big insurers provide extensive plans according to the needs of the traveler.

Portable charger/power bank

Laptops won’t fit in a purse or pocket of your daypack, so battery banks or down time in cafes with power points would be needed. Korea generally has Type C or F electrical outlets.

Carry a portable charger or power bank to charge your devices on the fly, which will be particularly useful during long days of Tour or exploration.

Personal toiletries and medication

You can also get familiar toiletry brands from supermarkets in Korea. Also, pharmacists have known products.

Remember to always carry essential medications and prescriptions, these drugs should be translated into Korean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is illegal to bring into South Korea?

Objects such as book, photo, video tape, film, LD, CD, CD-ROM that impede the constitution, public security, or national customs.

Fake or tampered currency, bill, check, bond, or other marketable securities Objects leaking national secrets or intelligence.

Can I bring toothpaste to Korea?

Toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, shampoo), cosmetic products and medical items in liquid, spray or gel form. (Non-flammable aerosols are limited to a total volume of up to 2 L (2 kg)—up to 500 ml (500 g) per container—according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.)

What to wear and what not to wear in Korea?

In South Korea, it’s important to dress modestly, especially if you’re visiting a temple or other religious site. This means avoiding clothing that’s too revealing or tight. 

What do I need before traveling to Korea?

You must have a valid U.S. passport to enter Korea. From April 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024, the Korean Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) is not required for US citizens for stays of 90 days or less that are for tourism or business purposes.

What to pack on a trip to South Korea?

Pack clothes suitable for the season and weather conditions during your visit. South Korea has four distinct seasons, so check the forecast before you go.

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