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Start with the energetic streets of the capital metropolitan city Seoul, then travel to the relaxing coasts of Jeju Island, and finish the tour of a paradise city Busan, cultural city Gyeongju, and nature Sokcho. Be sure to be prepared for an unforgettable adventure across South Korea’s most interesting places.

The heart of South Korea is in Seoul.It is the capital city of korea. A city in which modernity and tradition have joined together. This is where you will find the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the shopping streets and memorable street food.


Korea’s second biggest city, Busan, features magnificent beaches, bustling markets, and a thriving cultural scene. It is well-known for Haeundae Beach, Jagalchi Fish Market, and the Busan International Film Festival.

Jeju Island

South Korea’s idea of the paradise island is Jeju Island and has been granted extremely beautiful landscapes that show lively with its volcanic sceneries and deep afforested woods. Besides beach relaxation moments, Jeju’s cultural offer gives the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes which prepare a UNESCO listed site .


Korea’s energetic port city is a mix of modern and authentic treasures. take in the city’s energetic Chinatown and high tech castle, see the city’s beautiful islands such as Wolmido. Experience the city and not only its cultural artifacts, but also the sea fish.


Gyeongju, also known as the “museum without walls,” is a city filled with old temples, royal tombs. Be among the first to discover Korea’s colorful history, old culture, beautiful peaceful landscapes, and architectural wonders.


Suwon has history on the UNESCO listing in the Hwaseong Fortress but in the modern era. The beautiful markets, traditional tea houses and a most bustling nightlife provide buyers and citizens a view of Korea’s dynamic culture.


Get to know Daejeon, a city in central Korea that is densely packed with scientific institutions,near by greenery. Roam around its culture and cutting edge technology as well as its beautiful near to experience the right mix of urban living and wilderness.


The South Korean city of Andong, steeped in its traditional Korean culture, is home to some of the oldest architecture, including the popular Hahoe Folk Village. Tourists can see traditional Korean performances, try delicious Korean dishes and dive into the history of the place.


Tucked away in Korea’s eastern coast, Sokcho is a must-see for its lush landscapes, the Seoraksan National Park. enjoy fresh seafood, hike scenic routes, and rejuvenate on some of Korea’s best beaches.


In South Korea, one could not pass visiting Jeonju, which is known for its traditional Hanok village and has possibly the best bibimbap in the country. Discover the history of this rich Hanok Village and taste Korea’s best recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Jeju Island famous?

Most of Jeju’s millions of visitors stick to the popular tourist sites, the famous beaches and waterfalls, and a handful of locations from popular Korean soap operas. If you put in some effort you’ll find a beautiful volcanic island and for the most part you can have it all too.

Why is Korea famous for tourism?

South Korea boasts tourist attractions. Tourists can experience individual harmony between historical cultural tradition and modern culture.

What is Korea most popular for?

South Korea is renowned for its rich cultural tradition, energetic K-pop music scene, and delicious dishes like kimchi and bulgogi.

Is it cheap in South Korea?

No, the price level of South Korea is not so cheap these days. But if you spend more time to find it, in travelers’ community sites, you will be able to find ‘how to stay in and enjoy South Korea in rational spending’.

Which city is beautiful in Korea?

Busan is a Beautiful and attractive city located on the southeastern coast of South Korea.

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