Korea trip in Summer: Weather info and Best place to go

Traditional village in Andong South Korea

Extremely hot summer days or creatively cool mountains get away?

Would you spend your time by the beach or take a rest  and move on in city life?

The following is a breakdown of what you can expect from Korean summer and our choices for the top summer destinations in Korea.

From the sunbath heaven of beaches like Busan and Jeju Island to the refreshing mountainous destinations and the bustling soul of Seoul, we have everything you need for a memorable Korean summer.

The summers of Korea from June to August are a temporary jumble of sultry days and showers . The days are hot, with temperatures reaching 30°C and high humidity.

Pack some lightweight, comfortable clothes for occasional rainfall, particularly in July and August during the monsoon season.

The damp environment affects certain people. Sunshine days provide an ideal opportunity to pursue Korea’s lovely beaches and the ocean.

Best places to go

No matter who you are, I am a guide for you. Bright Busan beach or Jeju Island is waiting for you, sunning on the beach, or Sokcho and mountains, where you can have a cool adventure.

And even Seoul meets you, but wears light clothes. Let’s plan the best trip together before the Korean summer.


I would also like to visit Busan. It is South Korea’s second largest city, a lively port city famous for its,

  • Beaches,
  • Temples and
  • Seafood.

Haeundae Beach is a different choice for surfers who dream to take a picture on the waves.

Jeju Island

As for other places for rest, Jeju Island, this is a volcanic island located to the south of mainland Korea is also very popular to tourists in summer.

Beautiful beaches are of black or white sands depending on the area and are with hiking paths, waterfalls, and extraordinary volcanic features.


Sokcho on Korea’s east coast has an unforgettable feel of the mountains and friendly beaches and fresh seafood.


South Korea, located in mountainous conditions with two major ranges the Taebaek Mountains and the Sobaek Mountains.

These areas offer scenery, many hiking possibilities, and activities to do in the open air for the full year.


Seoul, South Korea’s lively and capital city is a dynamic,

  • hands-on metropolis with a history of modernity,
  • Wonderful palaces and Buddhist temples,
  • Ultra-Modern skyscrapers and
  • High-tech driving experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs)

Is Korea nice in summer?

July to August. The brief summer lasts from July to August and is the hottest time of the year in South Korea. Temperatures range between 23°C and 30°C but this is also the wettest time of the year, with the monsoon rains bringing half of the country’s annual rainfall during these months.

Is it cheap to vacation in South Korea?

South Korea’s cost of living is on the rise, but it’s definitely still possible to visit on a budget. 

How to dress in Korea in summer?

When the temperature rises, it’s crucial to opt for lightweight fabrics that allow for previous.

Lightweight skirts, made from materials such as linen, cotton, or chiffon, offer the perfect solution.

Is it good to visit South Korea in the summer?

July is the peak monsoon season, so we don’t recommend visiting then.

Additionally, the temperatures are very high with lots of humidity. This is one of the worst months to visit.

Where is the best place to go in Korea during summer?

Some of the country’s most popular beaches during the summer include; Songjeong Beach, Sokcho Beach, Haeundae Beach, and Woljeongri Beach.

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