Korean Yogurt Drink (Everything You Need to Know in 2024)

Korean yogurt drink

Are you looking for Korean yogurt Drink?

You have come into the right place to know about Korea Yogurt Drink. Actually, I have also fell in love with the Korean yogurt drink. I will give you absolutory all you need to know about Korean yogurt drink. I, Gazi, have been living in Korea since 2023 and exploring the Korean diversity as well.

Korean yogurt drinks are a delightful and healthy beverage option enjoyed by many for their taste, convenience, and health benefits. Whether you are looking to improve your digestive health or simply want a tasty, refreshing drink, these yogurt beverages are a great choice.

Korean yogurt drinks, often referred to as “Yakult” or “Yogurt Drink,” are popular fermented dairy beverages originating from South Korea. These drinks are well-loved not only in Korea but also in many other countries

Why Yogurt Drink famous in Korea?

Many countries have probiotic foods, like Activia yogurt, but Korea’s love for probiotics runs deeper. The probiotic market in Korea is worth 1 trillion won a year. Nowhere else will you find as many probiotic drinks, yogurts, supplements, and skincare products. Why?

One reason is the long tradition of consuming fermented foods, like kimchi, which naturally contain probiotics. Another reason is that many Koreans have digestive issues, leading doctors to recommend probiotics for gut health.

However, these factors alone don’t fully explain the popularity. The key is smart marketing. Companies like ‘hy,’ formerly known as Yakult, have invested heavily in promoting probiotic drinks as essential for daily digestive health.

Korean Yogurt Drink Brands

There are a lot of Korean Yogurt Drink Branks out there, but some of them are pretty famous:

1. Yakult:

Yakult is the most iconic brand associated with yogurt drinks, Yakult originated in Japan but has become a staple in Korean markets as well. The brand name is often used generically to refer to similar drinks. I love this brand. I often drink this Korean yogurt drink.


Korean yogurt drink

2. Biofeel:

 Biofeel is another my favorite brand which is produced by Lotte, this brand is widely available in Korean convenience stores and supermarkets.

3. Bulgaris:

Another popular brand in South Korea, known for its various flavors and slightly thicker consistency.

Korean Yakult Ladies

The Korean Yakult ladies, also known as Yakult Ajummas, sell Yakult and other probiotic drinks and yogurts on the street and door-to-door using motorized carts.

I was little bit of confused to see ladies with a car and selling something. I was unable to ask them because I did not the Korean language. 

After a few days, I got enough strength to ask a lady what she sold then I understood, and I tried.

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