Best Korean Drinks Everyone Needs to Try in 2024

Thirsty for a trip to Korea? Don’t limit yourself to its awesome food.

Discover a range of trendy drinks, along with the worldwide famous Soju, and iced tea. Welcome to a deliciously tasty Korean drink adventure.

 Let’s not only wet our throat but also tickle our taste buds with this remarkable Korean drink. From the well known Soju to the cocktails and iced tea, this Korean drink tour will give it all.

Runners and teas and discover the chilly and creamy planet of Korean dessert Bingsu. So, get ready to order your cup fill and enjoy a delightful Korean drink session.

Another traditional Korean spirit is soju. The clear, purified spirit is typically made of rice.

With 12-17% alcohol content, it’s also known for being relatively light and is drunk with Korean food.


Korean Tea

There’s a lot of Korean tea to choose from. Thay are,

  • Green tea,
  • Ginseng tea,
  • Barley tea,

or go fancy with a floral or fruity selection and sip on a hot or cold drink.


Yakult is a type of probiotic yogurt drink. Affectionately described as “the charismatic, amiable, and outright adorable milk girl,” the Yakult logo has worshiped little, single serving jugs.

korean yogurt drink

Korean Fruit Drinks

There are many Korean Fruit Drinks. Try a fresh watermelon punch or a sweet cinnamon persimmon punch as the outside gives no sign of the strong happiness that waits for your taste.

Korean Fruit Drinks

Korean Coffee

If you prefer sweeter options, consider sikhye Katana, a Korean rice drink produced from fermented barley and cooked rice, as well as served with dessert and alcoholic aftertaste. 


Korean coffee is known for a soft yet strong flavor since Koreans generally use somewhat roasted beans and do not roast them all the way until the bitterness slides away. It is among the greatest options for a refreshing morning or evening drink.


This little sweet, milky rice wine is bubbly and has a lower alcohol content, Koreans often drink makgeolli with their meals, just like in Nepal.


Koreans love their shaved ice desserts. Bingsu is a mound of shaved ice with sweet red beans, fruits, and condensed milk on top, It’s an ideal way to cool down on a hot summer day.

Bohaeang Green Tea

Made in South Korea, Bohaeang Green Tea is famous for its strong, loving taste and refreshing scent. It is a favorite of green tea drinkers who wish for a stronger herbal flavor.

Korean Beer

Korean beers are tasty, refreshing malt liquor. Hite and Cass are two of the most popular brands. They pair well with Korean BBQ or just about anything else.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the legal drinking age in Korea?

The legal drinking age policy in South Korea is distinct from that in other countries, as it is based on a calendar year approach. Specifically, individuals are allowed to access alcohol from January 1 of the year in when they turn 19.

How to drink like a Korean?

Your glass should always be full, never empty and if you’re done drinking for the moment, leave some soju in the glass to signal you don’t want a refill. 

What do South Koreans drink the most?

Soju, the drink that South Koreans drink the most in South Korea’s spirit market, was among the 15 largest spirit markets worldwide in 2023. 

What is the most popular drink in Korea?

Soju, a clear, slightly-sweet purified spirit, is the most popular Korean liquor.

What do Koreans drink to sober up?

Launched in 1992, Condition has been Korea’s leading hangover-relief drink for 31 years. It boasts over 50% of the entire head drink market in Korea.

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