Korea Travel in October: Weather info & Best Place to Go

weather in Korea in October

So, if you are looking for an interesting autumn adventure, experience Korea’s wild beauty in October.

Hike its beautiful mountains up Bukhansan, immerse yourself in the country’s history throughout Gyeongju while exploring its holy sites, go for a walk among the cherry blossoms in Jinhae Festival, sipping tea in 

sunny Boseong, and hiking across the calm woods of Daegu’s Palgongsan Mountain.

Korea is a wonderful place to visit during October.

The weather is cool and refreshing, with temperatures averaging 10°C to 20°C. The air is fresh and cool, while the countryside is blanketed in the most beautiful fall colors as the leaves change.

It is the ideal time for outdoor fun, hiking, and spectacular cultural festivities set against the stunning backdrop.

Best Places to Go

Get to discover Korea’s October charm. Feel Bukhansan’s beauty, explore Gyeongju’s culture, breathe in Jinhae’s cherry blossoms, sip on Boseong’s tea, and keep hiking Daegu’s Palgongsan Mountain, and more.

Bukhansan National Park

October in Bukhansan National Park of Korea means impressive nature views wrapped in the orange and yellow blanket of foliage.

The granite folks and lush valleys where the faithful plants live are what makes hiking trips on Bukhansanseong Fortress an enjoyable experience.

Travelers get to explore the many trails and enjoy cool, fresh hair.

Gyeongju Historic Areas

During October, the historic areas of Gyeongju in South Korea present the country’s culture and beauty of the autumn season.

Visit old temples, regal tombs, and folk villages and fully soak in the history and beauty of Korea’s former capital in common temperatures.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

In addition to that, the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival in October is a beautiful place for viewing cherry blossoms in Korea.

By taking a walk on the Yeojwacheon Stream, which is filled with cherry blossoms, there are cultural performances, street food, and other traditional events to enjoy.

Boseong Green Tea Fields

During October, Boseong’s Green Tea Fields in South Korea provides an amazing view that is covered with autumn’s color.

Terraced fields allow visitors to walk between them, while the rolling hills of lush green tea leaves create a charming view and freshly prepared tea.

It feels a little like being enveloped by nature, and it has a way of making one feel calm and refreshed.

Daegu's Palgongsan Mountain

During October, hikers visiting Palgongsan Mountain in Daegu will see beautiful foliage.

One can hike on lovely trails decorated with bright colors up to well-known ancient temples such as Donghwasa or Pagyesa.

The perfect cool weather allows you to participate in many outdoor activities while feeling the peaceful quiet and fresh atmosphere with the beauty of the natural landscape around you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs)

What to expect in Korea in October?

In October, humidity is low, so you can expect finely warm, dry days and chilly nights. Average daytime temperatures are between 50°F – 68°F. 50°F might seem unusually cold, but you’ll only experience them on clear nights.

Is Busan worth visiting in October?

The time from October to December is treated as the shoulder season for tourism in Busan.

How cold is Korea in October?

In their place is a dry climate that offers blue skies, sunny days and comfortable temperatures ranging from 15°C in the north and rise, to 26°C in the southern regions.

Is October a good time to go to Korea?

September to November is the best time for dry skies and golden ginkgoes. Visiting South Korea in the fall is pretty much a foolproof plan.

Which part of Korea to visit in October?

Naksansa is a popular seaside temple to visit on the East Coast, near Sokcho. Sokcho and Seoraksan National Park on the East Coast, are popular places to see fall foliage if you’re visiting Korea in October.

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