Korea travel in March: Weather info & Best place to Go

Spring in Korea is calling you with its beauty and whispers. Sunlight and warmth, blossom and blooms, outdoor thrills return in March.

Think about a picture of,

  • Relaxing beneath cherry blossoms,
  • Immersing yourself in vivid festivals and
  • Enjoying walks along the rejuvenated trails.

We will tell you the most beautiful places to explore, starting from the southern shore and Jeju Island to the cherry blossom festival and hiking holidays. Plan your Korean springtime journey.

The freezing winter loosens its hold on the country, seeing the average temperature rise to 5°C . Sometimes, the early morning is a little cold, but the rest of the day is chilly and the sun is mostly on show. 

Showers become more commonplace, announcing the impending arrival of spring and making for a perfect chance to witness Korea’s springtime charm.

Best place to Go

Korea awakens with spring in March. The cold winter is sent back where it belongs, to give space to the warm sun.

The entire country turns into a warm place with flowers turning it into a colorful splash. Just picture yourself,

  • Walking around cherry markets or hiking up the mountains and
  • Lying on a southern sea beach.

Join us to discover the best spots for your perfect Korean spring getaway from Jeju beauty to the memorable coast to go. March into spring to blossom with Korea.

Man Seungri Black Sand Beach

Man Seungri Black Sand Beach at Yeosu, South Korea, is famous for its one of a kind black volcanic sand and amazing view of the coast.

The beach is lined with,

  • Rocky cliffs and a pristine sea,
  • Making it an ideal site for relaxed walk,
  • Sunbathing and Relaxing to the sound of waves and
  • Admire the captivating view of black sand blending with the blue sea.

Southern Coast

In March, spring whispers along Korea’s southern coast. ️ Picture yourself laying on beaches warmed by the sun while winter’s frost remains in your memory.

The youthful coastal towns open once more, and the color returns to the landscape. This week, come and experience the marvel of spring on Korea’s southern coast.

Jeju Island

In March, experience the springtime on Jeju Island. Picture the chills of winter giving way to warm sunshine, then imagine marveling at volcanic works of wonder as vibrant blossoms bring life to the various landscapes.

To what extent are Huaheoaldong trails are the most lovely, and how Cherry blossom sunrises are incredible? Prepare for this Spring on Korea’s beloved Jeju Island!

Hiking Adventures

The sunshine and melting snow are the main attractions of March that make this month perfect for going on trails.

Picture yourself in the,

  • Picturesque mountains,
  • Breathing the freshly blooming scent of spring and
  • Watching nature waking up from the winter.

Let us discover the most amazing hiking adventures Korea has to offer throughout March. Get your hiking boots on and dive into the wonders.

Cherry Blossom Festivals

Pink petals and springtime magic of March in Korea, also known as cherry blossom paradise.

Picture yourself having a picnic near the subtle bloom or taking walks in colorful festivals or lovely views of pink perfection.

Here are the best places to see Korea’s cherry blossoms to enjoy them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is March winter or spring in Korea?

Spring. Spring in Seoul begins in March and lasts until May. Temperatures range from a daily mean of 5.7 degrees Celsius in March to 17.8 degrees Celsius in May.

Is March still winter in Korea?

Falling between December and March, the long winter is freezing cold but relatively dry, and certainly charming. Crisp, white snow can be expected creating romantic views you can enjoy without the madding crowds of spring.

What is the weather like in Korea in early March?

Seoul finally warms up significantly in March, with an average monthly temperature of 4°C. This is six degrees warmer than the February average. March daytime highs average 9°C. Nights are still below freezing, averaging -2°C.

Is March a good month to visit South Korea?

March to May is the best time for mild weather and cherry blossoms. South Korea starts to shake off its winter frost in March, and for the next three months, you can expect mild, pleasant weather.

Where to go in South Korea in March?

Some of the best cherry blossom viewing can be found at Namsan Park, Yeouido Park, and Gyeongbokgung Palace.

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