Korea travel in June: Weather info & Best place to Go

Want to know the top places to relax in June?

Korea in June is a season of,

  • Sunshine,
  • Festivals and outdoor fun.

What are you waiting for? Summer here in June in Korea is a lively and trendy place for,

  • Festivals, 
  • Beach fun.

And other outdoor celebrations like,

  • Sunbathing,
  • Trekking, partying you pick

 There are the best places to relax, explore and dine. Custom makes your Korean adventure, this June.

In June, Korea has a warm and dry climate. The daytime temperature inside varies from 20°C to 26°C and an occasional rain shower.

Light summer clothes and an umbrella for a surprise shower are recommended.

June is the beginning of summer and the time for open air and many festivals throughout the country.

Best place to Go

Furthermore, embrace the best of June in Korea this summer with,

  • Southern paradise,
  • Marine festivals and
  • Seoul energy.

Korea in June is full of festive celebrations that honor the country’s culture. 

Festival Fun

For one, the Boryeong Mud Festival gives visitors a chance to participate in mud-based activities, including mud wrestling and mudslides.

The Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival, which occurs annually, is an eye-catching array of thousands of lotus lanterns lighting up city corners in the morning to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.


Hiking & Outdoor Fun

In June, Korea warmly welcomes an active outdoor pastime, one of the best types of which is hiking.

Take the most beautiful trails through the forests of Seoraksan with the rustling of waterfalls.

Go hiking in Bukhansan National Park located close to Seoul. Discover the world of rocky cliffs and try to climb there. Enjoy the healing power of the green fields and cool mountain air.

Southern Paradise

June is the month in which the southern areas of Korea turn into paradises, with splendid flora and comfortable weather.

Jeju Island and Busan in particular have,

  • Famous beaches,
  • Abundant flora,
  • Festivals of culture and
  • Engage in water sports, treks. 

Delectable seafood particularly in the more casual coastal ambiance. Arena’s southern allure at its finest.

Seoul Summer

The “ Summer of Korea” festival in Seoul is dedicated to the culture of the country and its traditions.

The city will be painted with colorful street performances with elements of traditional music, food stalls with Korean treats, and concerts.

Moreover, I will try to take a ride on a river cruise on the Han River; there are many parks that should be full of fresh leaves at this time of the year due to the warm weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FQAs)

Is June the rainy season in Korea?

Beginning in June and ending in August, the Korean summer is hot and humid, with average mean temperatures peaking at 25.7 degrees Celsius in August. The Korean rainy season, or jangma, begins in mid June and continues for about a month.

Is Busan hot in June?

Summer in Busan runs from June to August, and it’s the hottest and most humid time of year. Average temperatures range from 22°C to 29°C, and it can feel even hotter due to the high humidity.

How to dress in Korea in June?

South Korea’s Average Temperature Throughout the Year (in Celsius)

  • 27 degrees or higher (July and August ): sleeveless shirts, short sleeves, shorts, sun protection, sunshade, and mini electric fan.
  • 17 degrees to 27 degrees (May, June, and September): short sleeves, and thin cotton coats.

Is June a good month to visit South Korea?

While June might be the start of summer in South Korea, it’s also the beginning of monsoon season with heavy rains and high humidity levels expected.

For this reason, large crowds tend to steer clear of traveling during the month so the bigger cities and popular sites should be relatively quiet.

Does it rain a lot in Seoul in June?

Precipitation dramatically increases in June as Seoul enters the monsoon season. Rainfall totals in the beginning of June only average 90mm but hit 230mm by the end of the month. The total monthly average comes out to 133mm.

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