Korea Travel in February: Weather info & Best Place to Go

korea weather in January
Snowfall in Korea

Feel the need for a snowy getaway with a touch of Korean charm?

Winter’s far from over, yet Korea in February is just what you need. Sporting the cool but pretty weather, let’s jump headfirst into experience.

Imagine the freshness of ski paradises with powder you’ll carve up, steaming hot springs to relax in, and eye-popping winter festivals to attend.

Whether you crave Seoul’s wintery deliciousness or hidden gems, Korea’s February flavor is waiting for you.

In Korea, February means fresh air, wonderful snowscapes, and peaceful panoramas. Expect chilly mornings and evenings with temperatures and usually hovering around 3°C, but it’s not unusual to fall below freezing.

Snowfall is general, particularly in the mountains, giving the impression of living in a wintertime fantasyland. Wrap up and get outside to enjoy the spirited chill.

February is best for moving smoothly across snowy slopes or soaking in hot springs or simply suggesting the festive winter vibes of Korea.

Best place to go

Had enough of the winter blues?

Korea in February is the best cure for your illness. Whether it’s cutting fresh powder in an epic drop away, the hot springs, or the chilly winter festivals, we’ve got recommendations for the best places to ski, have fun, relax, and experience Seoul’s cool winter atmosphere.

Let’s build the perfect Korean February journey.

Ski Paradise

February is the month when skiers and snowboarders can enjoy prime conditions in Korea. Fresh powder on the drop down and world-class resorts, such as Yongpyong, make for exciting runs suitable for all levels of skill.

You can picture yourself racing down an immaculate drop away framing the most beautiful mountain views in the world.

And it is not just about the thrill afterward, you can relax at a warm lodge with a drink and friendly people.

Bundle up, get your ski equipment, and come enjoy the winter wonderland of Korea on the Korean slopes.

Festive Delights

February in Korea is not just all about the snow fall, Feel the infectious winter hotness of winter festivals. From mesmerizing light spectacles and artistic masterpieces of the Seoul Lantern Festival to the enchanting festivals and many others. It’s like these festive treats sprinkle Korean winter getaway with an extra dash of magic, giving you memories of the last way beyond the snow.

Hot Spring Haven

Recharge at a Korean Hot Spring Paradise. Imagine,

  • Refreshing tired limbs in scalding,
  • Outdoor pools, 
  • Warmed by surrounding,
  • Stellar scenery.

Busan and Jeju Island are Korea’s top, knockout hot spring shops. In February’s coldness, this Korean refreshment is a must.

Seoul's Winter Charm

Seoul is at its most magical in February. Imagine walking down brightened streets with winter palace rooftops, the lighting warm hearts casting a cheerful light above snow dusted walkways.

Restful cafes call out with steaming beverages, while famous sites stand against their wintery environment, white and pristine.

But there is much more to love about Seoul in February, where festive energy mingles with the hidden gems of charming neighborhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs0

Is Jeju nice in February?

Even in winter, the temperature rarely falls below 0 °C (32°F) in Jeju Island, and the average winter temperature is around 5~7 °C (41~44.6°F) from January to mid-March. The weather is cool, dry, and even mild enough for you to be outside and enjoy outdoor activities.

Is February still winter in Korea?

Winter continues throughout South Korea in February. It is typically the coldest month of the year and it will feel especially cold in the country’s mountainous National Parks where temperatures can occasionally drop to -20°C.

Should I go to Korea in February?

Tourist sites are less crowded, but it’s too cold to recommend a good time to visit. Attractions remain less crowded, but snow is still possible in the north until the end of the month.

Does Jeju snow in February?

February is a great time to go hiking on Hallasan Mountain, the highest peak in South Korea. The mountain is often covered in snow during this time of year, creating a stunning winter wonderland landscape.

Where to go in Seoul in February?

Top experiences in February

  • Explore the Bukchon Hanok Village.
  • Visit the Gyeongbokgung Palace.
  • Attend a traditional Korean tea ceremony.
  • Take a day trip to Nami Island.
  • Go ice skating at Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink.
  • Try traditional Korean winter street food.


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