Best Things to do in Nami Island in 2024

Are you in need of a charming mental getaway filled with nature, a pinch of love, and beauty?

Nami Island is a relaxation give away that houses everything. Whether you want to get lost in,

  • Eco-forest or admire your surroundings while riding a bike,
  • It has you covered.

Take a short break at UNICEF Hall or click a photo by the Winter Sonata Statue. Resting by the famous waterfront, Nami Island offers a perfect delightful journey trip.

UNICEF Hall in Nami Island is a peaceful point. People can relax and look at, and there will often be displayed information about UNICEF’s activities for children around the world.

Nami Island’s theme of hope and aspirations for the next generation is consistent with this display.

The Hall can also conduct cultural activities or educational sessions that advance UNICEF’s mission worldwide.



Nami Island’s seaside is a peaceful segment of this impressive park near Seoul, South Korea. It is a young, quiet spot with beautiful views and a lot of activities to enjoy.

You may take in the impressive air while walking down the water’s border or engage in particular activities such as paddle boats.

Winter Sonata Statue

One of the iconic landmarks of Nami Island that interest crowds of passionate fans is the Winter Sonata Statue.

Established in 2009 as a salute to the movie’s shooting location, it has been a highly visited site ever since.

This sculptural composition portrays the lead characters of the drama and became a symbol of the beloved movie.

Winter Sonata Statue


The Eco- Forest is Nami Island biodiverse getaway, consisting of 500 plant species and numberless animal homes.

The sustainable retreat, which is well-kept through prepense conservation efforts and educational opportunities, offers a green diving for its visitor.

Every visitor may become one with nature while walking and sharing in eco-friendly experiences, which profit to the gem’s preservation.

Namiseom Island

Bicycle Rental Station

A bike rental station is available on the place serviced by bicycles, located on the roof of the island of Nami.

This is a great opportunity, moreover with great warm weather, to circle along the cycle paths and trees or just wander the beautiful landscape. This is a great idea for those people who enjoy an active vacation.

Bicycle Rental Station

To do in Nami Island: Frequently Ask Questions

Does it snow on Nami Island?

Magic and unique, the islet of Nami declared cultural independence from Korea, calling itself the Naminara Republic.

Are there cherry blossoms on Nami Island?

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Korea is Nami Island, an all-year-round destination that changes colors depending on the season. This romantic island in Chuncheon is a perfect day trip excursion to see cherry blossoms during spring.

Do you need a visa for Nami Island?

Nami Island actually has its own currency, passport, and upon entry, you are required to receive an ‘entry visa’ which comes with your ferry ticket to the island. 

Which K-drama was filmed on Nami Island?

The romance between Yu Jin and Jun Sang stole the hearts of many, with Winter Sonata going on to become one of the most popular Korean dramas to have aired.

What month is best to visit Nami Island?

Must See: As a fall foliage destination, Nami Island will not disappoint. The autumn colors arrive in South Korea around late October to early November.

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