Best Things to do in Jeonju in 2024

Jeonju things to do

Are you in the mood for delicious food and cultural spectacular in South Korea?

Make your way to Jeonju, where they attract your taste buds and cultural hunger. First of all, enjoy Jeonju Bibimbap, one of the most famous dishes in the world.

Visit the Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival and learn the art of traditional paper production. Listen to information about the customs of the Koreans in the Jeonju Traditional Culture Center.

Visitors to Jeonju Hanok Experience Hall can wear a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress popular in the city. Jeonju Nambu Market is the last stop where you can enjoy tasty foods of all kinds and buy some items.

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish with rice and a vibrant visual arrangement of seasoned vegetables. 

So, what makes the Jeonju version unique?

The rice is seasoned and cooked in beef broth, made with local delicacies like Korean beef tartare and 

mung bean jelly, and is served in a hot stone pot, giving it an amazing sizzle.

Jeonju Bibimbap

Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival

Jeonju Hanji Culture Festival takes place in order to respect ancient Hanji, or traditional Korean paper beginning from Jeonju. The paper is manufactured from mulberry pulp, which makes it durable and colorful. 

The festival usually happens in October when people can attend workshops to create authentic Hanji-based clothes, wearing them in a small parade.

Moreover, one may visit fluorescent Hanji lantern shows, delighting in the vivid beauty of the garments. 

Additionally, to the parade, the cultural event involves master classes and lectures though Hanji history and manufacturing.

Jeonju Traditional Culture Center

The Jeonju Traditional Culture Center is an excellent option for a one-stop immersion into Korean culture. The center gives visitors with multiple showcases of traditional,

  • Weaving and clothing,
  • Crafts and arts and much more.

In addition, guests can participate in various interactive activities, from making Hanji paper to a short folk dance workshop.

Therefore, whether you are a curious person who wants to learn something new or a history lover,then the Jeonju Traditional Culture Center is an enjoyable way to do so.

Jeonju Hanok Experience Hall

The Jeonju Hanok Experience Hall is more than just a building at Jeonju’s heart, it is breathtaking.

The Jeonju Hanok Experience Hall is a cultural center where you can become fascinated with the indigenous culture of hanok.

From trying on hanbok to tea ceremonies and traditional games, there isn’t anything more you could ask for. In order to get a better understanding and praise of Korean culture.


Jeonju Nambu Market

Jeonju Nambu Market is the heartbeat of Jeonju and is a haven for any food lover or shopaholic.

Established in the 1900s, the lively market is home to 800 vendors, selling a variety of products.

From locally grown fruits and vegetables to,

  • Freshly prepared street food,
  • Traditional Korean products and attire,
  • The two-story mall is filled with vibrant colors,
  • Sounds and
  • Friendly vendors pressing the customers to sample their products.

From enjoying Bibimbap the Jeonju way to buying original reminders, there is no better place to experience Korea.


To do in Jeonju: Frequently Ask Questions

How many days do you need for Jeonju?

When you want to explore the full Jeonju then it’s just a 2-3 day trip.

Is Jeonju walkable?

Walking wherever your feet lead you is probably the best way to explore this ancient city. There are different walking tour routes in Jeonju.

How to travel within Jeonju?

The trains typically serve travelers by getting them in and out of Jeonju, while the city can be traversed by bus, by car or on foot.

Why visit Jeonju?

The main thing to do in Jeonju is explore the traditional Hanok Village, which has over 700 traditional hanok buildings.

What is the old name of Jeonju?

Wanju, Jeollabuk-do is the region surrounding Jeonju, a city famous for Jeonju Hanok Village. The name Wanju was derived from Jeonju’s old name, Wansanju.

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