Best Things to do in Geoje in 2024

Looking for an island getaway?

Looking for an island getaway?

This summer, answer the call of Geoje Island’s,

  • Natural beauty,
  • Rich history and unexpected surprises.

Histrionic Spiro roots forgotten and unexpected cultural attractions. Witness the marvel of engineering on the Geoje Floating Bridge.Learn Geoje’s thrilling history at the Geoje Museum.

Hike Sinseondae Cliff’s stunning views. nearby yourself with the plant kingdom at the Geoje Botanical Garden. Languish on the sandy beaches of Gujora Beach

Geoje Floating Bridge is located in South Korea connecting Geoje Island to the mainland. It opened in 2010 and is 8.2 kilometers, making it the world’s longest double-deck floating bridge.

This bridge is a very good example of human-made architecture that not only improves connectivity but also provides impressive views of the sea.

It showcases South Korea’s bridge and connection innovation and is an essential connector for all and tourists.

Geoje Museum

Established in 1991, the Geoje Museum is a real gem to anyone looking to learn more about the island’s past. This local museum presents the history and culture of the island through many showcases.

Here you can see items the islanders were using for centuries, learn about their ship-building traditions, and even discover a number of local legends and myths.

The Geoje Museum provides a distinct insight into the spirit of the Geoje Island.

Sinseondae Cliff

This important rock structure got its name from the myth that it was so beautiful that fairies used to come. You can Notice the ocean and the view of nearby islands from the rocks.

The deep blue color and impressive rock formations on this site offer a spectacular sight. When you go to spring, you may even view a couple of colorful canola flowers flourishing around that would add magic to the entire picture.

Sinseondae Cliff

Geoje Botanical Garden

The Geoje Botanical Garden, also referred to as the Geoje Jungle Dome, is the largest botanical garden in Korea.

With over 10,000 tropical plants of 300 species actively growing beneath the 7,472-piece glass dome, the greenhouse consists of systems of diverse plant life, a forest of trees that stretch to the top, and fascinating discoveries to be made in the realm of flora every day of the year.

Gujora Beach

Gujora Beach at Geoje Island expresses the soft sand and clear crystal sea. This 1.1-kilometer-sea is suitable to swim, providing a break from US soldiers only after the Korean War.

Moreover, the beach is the foremost weekend gate-away with calm sea water for young family kids.

In Addition, white shopping streets are crowded with fresh seafood restaurants, displaying daily catches and sauces with local anchovies and seaweed.

Haegeumgang Island

To in Geoje: Frequently Ask Questions

Which country is Geoje in?

South Korea

Geoje (Korean: 거제; Korean pronunciation: [kʌ̹. dʑe̞]) is a city located in South Gyeongsang province, just off the coast of the port city of Busan, South Korea.

How to get from Seoul to Geoje?

The best way to get from Seoul to Geoje (Station) is to train via Eonyang which takes 3h 32m and costs ₩42,000 – ₩70,000. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₩28,000 – ₩42,000 and takes 4h 31m.

What is the name of the mountain in Geoje Island?

Garasan (가라산) Garasan (가라산) is the highest mountain on Geoje Island and is connected to Nojasan (노자산). Many hikers visit this mountain as a connecting hike with Nojasan.

Where is Geoje Island located?

Geoje (Korean: 거제; Korean pronunciation: [kʌ̹. dʑe̞]) is a city located in South Gyeongsang province, just off the coast of the port city of Busan, South Korea.

How to travel around Geoje?

From Sinyang station, visitors can take a bus or taxi to Geoje. The journey takes around 3 hours from Seoul, 1 hour from Busan, and 30 minutes from Ulsan.

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