Best Things to do in Andong in 2024

Hahoe Village

Journeying through time and culture in the heart of Andong, are you ready for this adventure?

Relish in the most beautiful sensations Andong has to offer in 2024, from the historical wonders and cross over the scenic Woojung Gyo bridge. Discover the serene beauty of Bongjeongsa Temple and enrich your knowledge of the local culture at the Andong Folk Museum.

Capture the forever changing vistas of Mount Hwasan and frolic through the lively fiestas of the Andong International Mask Dance Festival. Experience all the facets of Andong’s vivid attractions.

The Hahoe Folk Village in Andong, South Korea, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that conserves traditional Korean culture.

The village has existed for over 600 years and allows tourists to see how locals lived and the buildings they built during the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, people can explore

  • hanok houses,
  • Attend cultural events,
  • And observe the lifestyle in a quiet village.

Picturesque Wolyung Gyo Bridge

Wolyung Gyo Bridge is one of the famous bridges of Andong, South Korea. It is built over the Nakdong River, 

neighboring by traditional Korean motifs of architecture.

The view on and from the bridge is stunning,

  • The landscapes are picturesque,
  • The design is elegant. 

Due to the beauty and peacefulness of the bridge,

  • Tt is a suitable venue for walking,
  • Taking pictures and
  • Fully hold in high regard the spirit of Andong.

Bongjeongsa Temple

Bongjeongsa Temple situated in the peaceful mountains of Andong city, South Korea, is among the holiest Buddhist monasteries with a history dating back over a thousand years.

Bongjeongsa is revered as a masterpiece of architecture and a cultural legacy and serves as a peaceful and quiet sanctuary for seeking spiritual companionship. Due to its mesmerizing greenery, the temple also creates a peaceful environment for mediation.

Trails of Mount Hwasan

The trails on Mount Hwasan provide beautiful views and varying climate zones.

This mountain covers the Gyeongsangnam-do state in South Korea and has a lot of clearly marked paths and routes both for beginners and experienced hikers.

One can pass through the woods,

  • See the streams,
  • And walk on stones until they reach the very top.

The mountain is so attractive in its natural multiplicity and historical traditions that it is visited by hikers no matter the season.

Andong International Mask Dance Festival

The Andong International Mask Dance Festival is an annually organized event in Andong, South Korea.

Specifically, it is an exciting event that represents traditional mask dances in their wide variety.

It is hosted by both national and international mask dance troupes, generating an interesting experience. Importantly, the festival reflects Koreans’ attitudes to their mask in art.

Andong International Mask Dance Festival

To do in Angong: Frequently Ask Questions

How do you get to Andong Folk Village?

From Andong Bus Terminal or train station you can take local buses 246 or 11 to the main car park at Hahoe, about 50 minutes away.

What food is Andong known for?

Andong has famous local foods that originated in the city such as,

  • Heotjesabap,
  • Andong jjimdak,
  • Andong soju (a rice wine),
  • Andong sikhye (a punch),
  • Geonjin guksu (a noodle dish) and
  • Salted mackerel.

Should I go to Andong?

Andong is a city that epitomizes the essence of traditional Korean culture and heritage.

What is Andong Korea known for?

The Andong region is well known for its preservation of traditional cultural practices such as the Hahoe mask dance, and its historic villages.

How many days do you need in Andong?

So if you want to visit all of them plan to stay at least for 2 full days.

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