Best Place to visit in Yeosu in 2024

ntroducing you to Yeosu, South Korea. Your next destination for your coastal crave, natural wonder, and modern wonder.

Yeosu is a lovely city where you can experience nature and culture in perfect harmony. Visit the islands such as Odongdo and explore Yeosu Expo Park for inspiration. Hiking the beautiful landscapes at Dolsan Park brings you back to spiritual places such as Hyangiram Hermitage.

Overlooking the ocean will be one of the unforgettable tours, riding the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car. Yoesu has it all for the adventurist!

Odongdo Island is a beautiful getaway with many colorful camellias. At the height of the season, a sea of red blossoms floods the island, turning it to a photographer’s dream.

different from the wide difference of plant life, the island includes several walking paths and historical landmarks which give an amazing blend of natural wonders and cultural background.

Yeosu | Odongdo Island

Yeosu Expo Park

Another local that used to host the 2012 Yeosu Expo is the Yeosu Expo Park, some of its halls are in need of their former purpose, but the park itself impresses with its location and modernity.

Visitors may picnic on the grounds, visit the presentation in Expo Ocean Park with marine creatures and aquariums, take a cable car trip with Yeosu Marine Cable Car to see the beach, and watch the Big-O, a specially-built oceanium with an amazing fountain show at night.

Yeosu | Expo Park

Dolsan Park

Dolsan Park is for everyone to enjoy the originality. Established in 1987, the park has walking line that provide attractive prospects of the,

  • Dolsan Bridge,
  • Marine Park and
  • Janggundo Island.

Visit Hyangiram Hermitage and hike to enjoy the first light of dawn, or fly over the park to get a bird’s-eye view of everything with the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, which boats from the park.

Dolsan Park is the ideal environment for a relaxing stroll or a thrilling cable car trip.

Hyangiram Hermitage

In the southmost quarter of Dolsan Island in Yeosu lies a hidden treasure resting above the hills,Hyangiram Hermitage.

Though its establishment dates back to 644 by,

  • The famed monk,
  • Wonhyo,
  • Hyangiram Hermitage is one of the oldest Korean temples.

Venture up Mount Geumosan to catch a spectacular view of the ocean and meander the courtyards and halls for the ultimate spiritual escape.

Yeosu Maritime Cable Car

The Yeosu Maritime Cable Car, taking you for a thrilling ride over the ocean. The gondola lift from Dolsan Island to the mainland has quality and crystal cabins.

Those looking for an extra thrill might want to pick a crystal cabin, which offers a transparent bottom for an amazing view of the sea below.

See the amazing sights of Odongdo Island, the Dolsan Bridge, and Yeosu’s lively cityscape from above, all from the enjoyment of your comfortable cable car.

Travel in Yeosu: Frequently Ask Questions

What is Yeosu best known for?

Yeosu’s night sea is famous for its beauty. At Jongpo Marine Park, centred on Yi Sun-shin Square, you can experience the wonderful night-time sea.

What does the name Yeosu mean?

The name Yeosu means “beautiful (yeo) waters (su)”. As the name suggests, there’s an abundance of beautiful ocean views in Yeosu.

How many islands are there in Yeosu?

Characteristics. The city of Yeosu consists of the Yeosu peninsula as well as 365 islands (48 inhabited, 317 uninhabited).

Is Yeosu a good place to live?

Yeosu is the perfect city if you enjoy excellent, slow-paced living. As someone from a big city, living in a small city that isn’t always busy is nice.

Is it worth going to Yeosu?

Yeosu, which translates to ‘beautiful waters’, offers Instagram-worthy shots of the sea, sunsets, and nightlife. Cable car: The maritime cable car, which transports travelers from Yeosu to Dolsan island, is a must-try even if you don’t plan on visiting the island.

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