Best Place to visit in Suwon-si in 2024


Are you ready to experience a historical and cultural journey?

There’s something for everyone at Suwon-si’s selected top attractions in 2024. Suwon-si offers a lot of attractions in 2024. These are,

  • Include the historic charm of Hwaseong Fortress and
  • The educational Suwon Hwaseong Museum.

The exciting Everland Theme Park and the peaceful Suwon Cheon Stream. Eventually, you also have an opportunity to journey through time while submerging yourself in traditional Korean culture at Korean Folk Village.

Hwaseong Fortress is another UNESCO-listed site representative of constructionally paramount construction. Hwaseong Fortress is located in Suwon-si, South Korea, and spreads to a length of 5.52 kilometers including arches, gates, and a variety of military facilities.


The castle may serve not only as a defensive facility but as an aesthetic masterpiece as well. Thus, the visit allows understanding of South Korea’s cultural and historical legacy.

Hwaseong Fortress

Suwon Hwaseong Museum

Suwon Hwaseong museum is based in Suwon-si, South Korea and serves primarily to reflect the history and cultural heritage of the target city. The museum offers presentations dedicated to,

  • The creation of Hwaseong Fortress,
  • A UNESCO World Heritage site,
  • Presents Suwon’s past via artifacts,
  • Documents and
  • Multimedia.

Tourists are here to explore interactive presentation spaces designed as displays to get an idea of the importance of the historical legacy of Suwon.

Suwon Hwaseong Museum

Everland Theme Park

Everland Theme Park is located at Suwon-si, South Korea is the second largest park and the most visited amusement park in Korea.

There are some themed areas such as Global Fair and Zootopia as well as special country themed events like Tulip Festival. In addition to the rides,

  • There are also safari parks and
  • Water parks available.

It is best suitable for both families and people looking for some adrenaline rush.

Suwon cheon Stream

In South Korea’s Suwon-si, Suwon cheon Stream is a beautiful watercourse that is well-known for its calm setting and remarkable views,

  • Approximately 6 kilometers in length,
  • This stream is lined with well-kept walking paths,
  • Beautifully landscaped greens and
  • Lovely overhead bridges.

This stream provides a relaxed reprieve for the residents and a paradisal vacation for visitors.

Korean Folk Village

Overall, the Korean Folk Village near Suwon-si presents an interesting peek into Korea’s cultural history.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the village features classic Korean buildings and daily life. People may learn more about Korea over time by seeing,

  • Traditional performances,
  • Artisans exhibit and
  • Eat Korean foods.

It feels like stepping back in time with the village’s complete surroundings and knowledge considerations.

Travel in Suwon-si: Frequently Ask Questions

What is Suwon popular for?

Hwaseong Fortress in the town of Suwon is just a 30-minute train ride from Seoul. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Korea’s most important historical treasures and is the only remaining walled fortress in the country.

Is it worth it to go to Suwon?

Although it’s outside central Seoul, the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress makes for a great day trip.

Is Suwon a good place to live?

The city also has excellent public transportation, making it easy to get around. Overall, Suwon is a great place for expats and digital nomads to live and work.

What is Suwon Korea known for?

Suwon plays an important economic role as it is home to Samsung Electronics, Korea’s largest and most profitable company.

Is Suwon safe?

Suwon is generally considered to be a very safe city, even at night.

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