Best Place to visit in Nami Island in 2024

Bid time before an unforgettable Nami Island adventure through delightful landscapes and cultural gems?

Nami Island is a place of beautiful natural landscape with cultural attractions. Central Korean Pine Tree Lane is even more serene under the huge pine.

Metasequoia Lane walking among the Metasequoia trees has many stories, it looks beautiful. At the Riverside Picnic Garden take Relax with a meal.

Even in the golden tax paid houses on Ginkgo Tree Lane. See the wonders of art at the Arts Center. Each space is a journey of magic.

Central Korean Pine Tree Lane is one of the beautiful ways on Nami Island, South Korea.

The high Korean Pine trees on each side amazingly welcome visitors to the island as they alight the ferry at Nami Wharf.

Arranged towards the center of the island for an enchanting entrance and beautiful photographs capturing amazing landscape.

Nami Island

Metasequoia Lane

The Metasequoia Lane is a beautiful alley of Metasequoia trees on Nami Island, South Korea.

These trees, also called “living fossils,” used to be said to be gone.

The path got its popularity after the appearance in Korean drama “Winter Sonata.” People come to the site to walk under the arch of leaves, which in autumn turn a bright red.

Riverside Picnic Garden

There is no official Riverside Picnic Garden in Nami Island. But do not worry, Nami Island has a lot of riverside spots where you can enjoy a picnic by the water.

Many people visit the beautiful spots near the Namiseom Stream or the Bukhang River close to the island to eat and spend their leisure time by the water.

Hence, you can bring your picnic mat and some good food to share.

Ginkgo Tree Lane

Nami Island, known to many as the filming place of the Korean drama Winter Sonata, has a lovely Ginkgo Tree Lane.

This trail, located near the southern side of the island, is changed into a golden road thanks to its golden leaf color in autumn.

The visitors may take many images because the ginkgo tree’s yellow hue produces a beautiful vista during the period. The finest time to visit Ginkgo Tree Lane is from late October to mid-November.

Ginkgo Tree Lane

Arts Center

Rather than a designated building, Nami Island itself functions as an arts center. The Island is a creative and cultural Mecca.

It has been designed to host,

  • art exhibitions,
  • Concerts,
  • Performances and
  • Different cultural happenings throughout the year.

One of the most significant biennial events is the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival, which includes the Nami Concours, an international picture book illustration competition.

Another feature of Nami Island is the Nami Island Handicraft Studio, which provides visitors with the opportunity to join workshops offered and create their artwork using different materials.

Travel in Nami Island: Frequently Ask Questions

Why is Nami Island famous?

Nami Island’s beauty is so enchanting that it is a popular backdrop for K-dramas and international productions.

Can we stay at Nami Island?

Jeonggwanru Hotel, located on Nami Island, is the only place you can stay overnight on the beautiful island.

Is Nami Island crowded on weekends?

This place can get very very crowded. You might want to try to avoid going there on a weekend.

What time is best to go to Nami Island

  • Spring is perfect for cherry blossoms,
  • Summer for lush greenery,
  • Autumn for fall colors and
  • Winter for a snowy landscape.

Should I go to Nami Island?

Located near Seoul, Nami Island, or Namiseom is a beautiful island that is among the most popular attractions in Korea for good reason.

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