Best Place to visit in Geoje in 2024

Haegeumgang Island

Itching for beaches, botanical wonders, and a side of history?

Here’s your next destination: Geoje Island, South Korea’s little secret, adventure-filled Geoje Island, situated in South Korea Un-bend with a beautiful ocean view at Windy Hill.

Embark on an incredible botanical journey through Oedo-Botania. Sink your feet into the sand at Hakdong Mongdol Beach. Learn a little at Okpo Great Victory memorial Park, a battle memorial.

Extensive kayaking through the beautifully untouched Haegeumgang Island. Geoje Island truly has something for everyone.

A place definitely worth visiting in Geoje is Windy Hill , and the name says it all. It is a spot, on the top is located a seaside green hill and a lovely windmill on top of it.

Following its short hike to the peak, one receives a stunning view and a gentle sea breeze. It is a suitable place for photos and eyes enjoyment.

Windy Hill in South Korea


This rock-covered island was changed to feature a wealth of plants with a focus on sub-tropical flowers. Walk along the themed way lined with,

  • Cacti,
  • Palm trees and
  • other colorful flowers.

It’s almost like another planet, as you’ll find a Peaceful vacation among world-class shrubbery and outstanding views of the ocean.


Hakdong Mongdol Beach

Hakdong Mongdol or Hakdong Pebble Beach, has an independent feature. Here,

  • instead of sand,there are soft,
  • black pebbles, and they extend for over a kilometer.
  • Against the backdrop of the black pebbles.

The water looks especially clear and comfortable to swim on a sunny day. You can also hire a jet ski or different floats from the beach.

The fresh sea air, the picturesque view, and the foot massage from the pebbles should give you peace.

Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park

The Okpo Great Victory Commemorative Park in Geoje is exclusive to one of the most important naval victories in Korean history.

The venue has no fees and includes a monument and a museum devoted to the Battle of Okpo that took place in the 14 th century.

Visitors can walk along the park’s territory and see the monument while reading the information board on the battle’s importance.

Haegeumgang Island

Haegeumgang Island, dubbed the “Mount Kumgang of the Sea,” rocky island found off Geoje’s southern shore. Haegeumgang, known for its rock formations that look like the Korean instrument haegeum.

Simply take a ship tour around the island to see most of them. The “Bride and Groom Rocks’ ‘ and the “Shipjagul Cave,” two of the more noticeable rock shapes, can be observed from the boat.

One can not travel to Haegeumgang Island on foot, but it provides a fantastic ocean vista and a new natural marvel.

Haegeumgang Island

Travel in Geoje: Frequently Ask Questions

Is Geoje Island worth visiting?

It has many popular attractions, including Geojedo, Windy Hill, OEDO Botania, perfect for a trip! Geoje-si is a city in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.

Can you drive to Geoje Island?

Private cars can take the toll expressway from Busan to Geoje.

How do you get around Geoje?

Once in Geoje, visitors can move around the city using buses or taxis. The city has a well-established bus system that runs frequently and covers most areas of the city.

What is the closest airport to Geoje?

The nearest airport to Geoje (Station) is Gimhae (PUS) Airport which is 11.7 km away. Other nearby airports include Ulsan (USN) (51.6 km), Daegu (TAE) (88.3 km) and Tsushima (TSJ) (103.1 km).

Where is Geoje Island, Korea?

Geojedo (Korean: 거제도; MR: Kŏje-do), or Geoje Island, is the principal island of Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province, Republic of Korea.

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