Best Place to visit in Andong in 2024

Ready to travel through time and tradition in Andong’s beautiful landmarks?

In 2024, travel around Andong’s main attraction to delve into the past of these charming sites. 

  • Tour Hahoe Village,
  • Andong Folk Village and
  • Get a taste of traditional Korean folklore.

Learn about history at the,

  • Byeongsan Seowon and
  • Dosan Seowon Academies.

Be awed by the beauty of Wolyung Gyo Bridge and the liveliness of Andong International Mask Dance Festival. Discover the beauty and history of Andong in these beautiful landmarks that span the lifetime of the generations.

Hahoe Village is situated near South Korea’s Andong and is a World Heritage Site well-known for its traditional Korean architecture and natural beauty.

  • With the Nakdong River,
  • A mountainous landscape,

The village is visually impressive and is a fantastic opportunity to observe South Korea’s deep historical past and Confucian roots. The village possesses ancient homes,

  • Mask dance shows and
  • Strip away natural beauty.

Andong Folk Village

Andong Folk Village is situated in Andong in South Korea, is a conserved living museum of traditional Korean architecture and folklore. Established during the Joseon dynasty, it comprises more than 50 hanoks or traditional Korean-style houses that allow guests to travel back in history . Moreover,

  • It offers exhibitions of local culture,
  • art performances and
  • A variety of workshops
traditional village of andong

Byeongsan Seowon Confucian Academy

The Byeongsan Seowon Confucian Academy is situated in the city of Andong, South Korea, and was a traditional Korean education center during the Joseon Dynasty.

The Japanese destroyed it in about 1587, but it was later founded in 1572.

The academy is unique for its traditional Korean architecture and its natural environment. It is now regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Korean tradition is held.

Byeongsan Seowon Confucian Academy

Wolyung Gyo Bridge

Wolyung Gyo Bridge in Andong, South Korea, is a cultural monument that dates from the Joseon dynasty.

The bridge over the Nakdong River is designed in the form of an arch and constructed in accordance with traditional Korean architecture techniques.

Wolyung Gyo Bridge provides a beautiful view of the landscape and is a place where people pass by or walk to enjoy the city’s,

  • Cultural heritage,
  • Both citizens and tourists.

Andong International Mask Dance Festival

Andong International Mask Dance Festival in Andong, South Korea is an opportunity to become part of the cultural traditions of this amazing country.

The festival is held in the form of an annual event, during which vibrant performances of dance groups are staged, and open tours are held with the explanation of the history of the festival and the interpretation of the dances that are performed here.

The opportunity to experience another culture is fascinating.

Andong International Mask Dance Festival

Travel in Andong: Frequently Ask Questions

Should I go to Andong?

Visiting Andong is more than a trip; it’s a journey through the annals of Korean history, a chance to immerse oneself in the traditions that shaped a nation.

How do you travel to Andong?

The bus terminals and train stations are on the same street within walking distance of each other in downtown Andong.

What food is Andong known for?

Andong has famous local foods that originated in the city such as,

  • Heotjesabap,
  • Andong jjimdak,
  • Andong soju (a rice wine),
  • Andong sikhye (a punch),
  • Geonjin guksu (a noodle dish) and
  • salted mackerel.

What is the nearest airport to Andong?

The nearest airport to Andong is Daegu (TAE) Airport which is 74.5 km away.

How far is Andong from Incheon?

The distance between Incheon and Andong is 270 km. The road distance is 252.2 km.

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