Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks in Korea [You must try in 2024]

banana milk
Banana milk

Want to enjoy your trip with the best non-alcoholic drinks Korea has to offer?

Do not hesitate to come with us on a tasteful journey by the recommended drinks of 2024. Drink to,

  • Your heart’s content with Bokbunja-ju,
  • Sip the flavors of Omija Cha,
  • Strengthen your immune system with a cold Saenggang Cha and
  • Discover the Asian refreshment Sikhye

Korea will not upset you when it comes to drinks.

Banana Milk, or “Banana Uyu” in Korean, is a classic drink that is popular in the Korean market , creamy, and sweet with a banana taste known as South Korea’s most well known beverage.

Locally correct to be a loved drink and visitor generally, government Uyu sold in convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country.

Sikhye (Sweet Rice Drink)

Sikhye is a Korean traditional drink made of malted rice and sugar. It tastes a little sweet and is specified by the flavor of rice itself. This Korean drink is cool and perfect as a drink with various Korean meals.

Bokbunja-ju (Korean Black Raspberry Wine)

Bokbunja-ju is a Korean traditional wine prepared with black raspberries. Antioxidants and vitamins contained in bokbunja-ju make the wine to be sweet and sour and possess a delicate aftertaste. It tastes like a medication, and it is one of the favorite drinks of Koreans.

Sujeonggwa (Cinnamon Punch)

As it has been shared, Sujeonggwa originated from Korea and is the Korean traditional drink made from cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and sometimes persimmons. It is served cold, and its feature is that it has a sweet, spicy, and aromatic taste and scent, that is it is a dessert drink.

Sikhye (Sweet Rice Drink)

Another traditional Korean drink is sikhye, which tastes and acts so much as a sweet rice as to be even used as a form of meal. It is a sweet drink made from malted rice and sugar, frequently drunk as dessert or meal, as the sweetest and mildest form of all the traditional Korean rice drinks.

Saenggang Cha (Ginger Tea)

One of the traditional Korean drinks, Saenggang Cha, is two cups of water boiled with ginger followed by mash it with sugar or honey. This sweet drink has a warm, spicy taste and is well known for its healing properties.

Yulmu Cha (Roasted Barley Tea)

It’s also highly consumed as a healthier alternative to soda and other unhealthy drinks. Yulmu Cha has a roasted grain called sugi, it gives the drinks its unique nutty flavor. These grains are known to be very rich in antioxidants consuming Yulmu Cha has many health benefits.

Omija Cha (Five-Flavor Berry Tea)

An example of a Korean tea is the Five-Flavor Berry Tea. This tea is a traditional Korean drink that is brewed with dried omija berries.

Omija Cha translates to “five tastes” according to the five flavors that can be identified from drinking the tea. These flavors are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent. This tea is quite different from others, and drinking it can be quite an exciting experience.

Maesil Cha (Plum Tea)

In conclusion, Maesil Cha, formally known as a traditional Korean plum tea, is a mixture of dried plums that melt in hot water or by adding sugar or honey. It is known for its sweet and sour flavor and is enjoyed for its unique taste to promote health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest drink in South Korea?

Soju, the 17% potato vodka, is dirt cheap. A bottle at the 7–11 will run you about 1400 won ($1.20) for a 330ml bottle.

Which kpop idol doesn't drink alcohol?

Super Junior member, Lee Donghae, is also known as an idol who never drinks alcohol. Not because of health reasons, but because he made a promise to his father not to consume alcohol. 

What is the most popular soda in South Korea?

According to a survey on soda preferences among South Koreans in 2021, approximately 27 percent of respondents stated that they preferred Coca Cola to other soft drinks.

What is the most popular drink in South Korea?

Soju, a clear, a little sweet, distilled spirit, is the most popular Korean liquor. It is known as “a friend of life” and “the common people’s drink.”

What is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in South Korea?

Banana milk, also called banana uyu, is a popular drink in Korea for kids and younger adults. It’s a delicious, sweet, creamy drink with a delicious banana flavor.

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