15 Best Koren Pickup Lines in 2024
(You need to know for lasting impression)

imagine you’re dancing with your friends at the Korean club, you spot someone who catches your eye. You decide to take a chance and head towards them, leaving the dance floor behind. With a confident smile, you approach and deliver the greatest pickup line in the history of pickup lines.

Your charm works its magic, and your prince or princess instantly falls for you, captivated by your clever and endearing line. Sometimes, dreams really do come true, and love can spark in the most unexpected moments.

Let's look at Best Korean pickup line forever

 1. 저기요, 얼굴에 풀 묻으셨어요. 뷰티풀. – Excuse me, You have some ‘ful’ on your face. Beautiful.

(jogiyo olgure pul mudeusyossoyo byutipul)

Suppose you saw someone, and you got crush and want to say to him or her that he/she is incredibly beautiful. Then this is the expression for you. If you want to use this line on a guy you can change it to 저기요, 얼굴에 김 묻으셨어요. 잘생김. (jogiyo olgure gim mudeusyossoyo jalsaenggim). Best of luck for you and you are going to find you dream persona.

2. 아버지가 도둑이셨어요? 하늘에서 별을 훔쳤다가 당신 눈에 넣어 놓았네요. – Was your father a thief? He stole a star from heaven and put it in your eyes.

(abojiga dodugisyossoyo haneureso byoreul humchotttaga dangsin nune noo noanneyo)
If you want to be a little cleverer, you can use it. But remember that this pickup is little bit sensitive and seems offended as it refers father was a thief. So, you should be careful, and pronunciation should be vivid.

3. 혹시 피카츄세요? 방금 제가 찌릿했거든요. – Are you Pikachu? You just electrified me.

(hokssi pikachyuseyo banggeum jega jjiritaetkkodeunnyo)

This is the expression I love and the most cheesy. It is one of the most effective and you might even say this pick-up line. 

If you use one the pickup line and help you to get closer to your dream persona. Email me, I am really excited to hearing you : info@unravelkorea.com.

4. 응금처치 할 줄 아세요? 당신이 제 심장을 멈추게 하거든요! – Do you know first aid? Because you make my heart stop.

(eunggeumchochi hal jjul aseyo dangsini je simjangeul momchuge hagodeunnyo)

I recommend you that when you will use it. smile a bit. And defiantly first impression last long.  

5. 죄송한데, 저한테 말씀 하시는 건가요? 그래요? 그럼 이제 시작해 보세요. – Sorry, were you talking to me? Really? Then can you start talking to me?

(jwesonghande johante malsseum hasineun gongayo geuraeyo geurom ije sijakae boseyo)

This one is a little less cheesy and a little more clever. Make sure you pick the right moment to use this one. You don’t want to intrude in on a conversation they might be having. Have a question or conversation topic ready if they do decide to start talking to you. The following is an example conversation.

You should make sure you are in the right time. If you can use it in the right moment that will be sound perfect. This expression is a little less cheesy and a little bit cleverer. One thing is that you should be cleaver. I believe that the more you are accurate, the more you are like to impress!

6. 거기 안 앞아요 천국에서 떨어질 때? – Did it hurt? When falling from heaven?

(gogi an apayo chongugeso ttorojil ttae)

You might have heard this line before in English. Its just as bad in Korean as it is in English. Use it at your own discretion.

It is very famous expression you might hear this line in English. It’s sound not very flexible in Korean langue, but if you have good style and expression. You can use it.

7. 나랑 사귈래? – Do you want to date me?

(narang sagwilrae)

This is very classic expression, and this is heard in the K-drama. If you are a fan of K-drama, definitely you have heard this line. This line is so closer. If you are able to use it in the situation, you might get the chance.

8. 라면 먹고 갈래? – Do you want to eat ramen at my place?

(ramyon mokkko galrae)

This is one of the current trending pick-up lines in Korea. This expression is similar to the English expression ‘Netflix and chill’. Make sure you understand the hidden meaning behind the expression before you use it. The person you invite to your house may be a little confused if you only eat ramen.

This line is one of the resent trending pickup lines in Korea. This is the expression, which is almost closer to ‘Netflix and chill’. I think you should be careful about this line as it has a deep meaning behind the expression. 

9. 우리 집 고양히 볼래? – Do you want to meet my Cat?

(uri jip goyanghi bolrae)

his expression is similar to the above one in that there is a hidden meaning. If someone follows you home with this line, they will usually be expecting more than just meeting your cat. Cat, 고양히 (goyanghi), can also be replaced with ‘dog’, 강아지 (gangaji), depending on what animal you have at home.

This line also has a hidden meaning. If someone follows you house with this line, they will actually be expecting more than just meaning of your cat. And If you have a dog, you also be replaced with ‘dog’, 강아지 (gangaji), depending on what animal you have at home.

10. 우리 어디서 만나지 않았어요? – Haven’t we met before?

(uri odiso mannaji anassoyo)

This is the expression, is very old. You have not meet with him or her and you have not seen in your whole life and it has also another meaning that is you never seen a person like him or her. A classic cultural expression. This expression can be used to start your conversation. This is really nice way to start conversation.

11. 한 잔 할래요? – Do you want to have a drink with me?

(han jan halraeyo)

Drinking is a very common pastime in Korea. Each weekend Korean people drink least at once. You can also ask about weather he/she will agree to drink with you. And it will be nice way to get together if they agree and know each other. A very common line

12.마음에 들어서 그러는데 전화번호 좀 알려주시겠어요? – I like you, can I get your phone number?

(maeume deuroso geuroneunde jonhwabonho jom alryojusigessoyo)

A heroic line if you have enough breve to say. I think this expression is widely used when someone first meet, or second time sew someone. However, If you are planning to say to your dream person. Best of Luck and make sure you have sufficient confient.

13. 쉬고 갈까? – Should we rest a bit before going?

(swigo galkka)

As you might be able to tell, this is another pick-up line that implies something more than what is being said. While the two expressions above are a recent trend, this line has been used for decades to effectively pick up men and women.

This is another effective pickup line in 2024. Although this line is being widely used for decades, it still famous and works very well. This is my one as well.

14.어디서 타는 냄새 안 나요? 내 마음이 불타고 있잖아요 – Do you smell something burning? My heart is on fire.

(odiso taneun naemsae an nayo nae maeumi bultago itjjanayo)

This is craziest one I love. This line should be used like a hero of the movie. When you will express this line in front of your dream men or women, you should have felt like a superstar.

15 피곤하시겠어요? 하루 종일 제 머리속에서 돌아다니까요! – You must be tired. You have been going around my head all day.

(pigonhasigessoyo haru jongil je morisogeso doradanikkayo)

It’s an another hurt breaking expression of all time. If you say to me this line, I will fall in love with you.

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